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Your contribution will help us educate the communities in the East African Countries where this barbaric practice is performed and provide them with resources to improve the dental care given to their children. 

Make a one-time donation or become one of our global supporters by making a monthly, trimester or yearly donation. 


Join Us

Do you want to help to raise awareness and funds for #EndIOM? Become one of our Global Ambassadors and start a discussion in your community about a topic that has been for too long unheard. 

If you want to participate, send us an email and we will be in contact soon. 


Become a Supporter

Donate and share!

Your financial support and spreading the message in your social media will help us put an END to IOM.

Become a Global Ambassador

Be part of the team and raise awareness and funds in order to irradicate this barbaric practice.

Coming soon...

Spread the Message

Help us reach more people. IOM is a practice that is extremely unknown, and we need to make noise in order to make it stop!

Share your ideas with us

Any ideas or initiatives that can help this cause are always welcome. Please reach us.

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